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A credit-bearing course for students who have the option of individualized programs or group study. A short-term 3-week course includes educational classes, tutoring and cultural evening programs in Lviv.

“Ukrainian Spring” 8 – 19 May 2023 (2 weeks intensive course) – $2340.

“Ukrainian Spring” 8 – 26 May 2023 (3 weeks intensive course) – $3060.

“Ukrainian Fall” 9 – 20 October 2023 (2 weeks intensive course) – $2340.

“Ukrainian Fall” 9 – 27 October 2023 (3 weeks intensive course) – $3060.

The Spring/Fall Ukrainian Programs are three-week intensive courses that provides a rigorous study of the Ukrainian language, as well as a diverse cultural program.

Participants develop and practice core language skills –speaking, reading, listening and writing – while acquiring and mastering grammar and new vocabulary. The course syllabus is adapted to the needs of the participants and their language level, determined by a placement test on the first day of the program. Small class sizes (ranging from 3-7 people) allow for greater levels of attention from the instructor, further ensuring effective language acquisition.

The cultural program includes tours around Lviv and its various museums and exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, traditional workshops (cooking, art, etc.), film screenings, lectures about Ukrainian politics, history, and current events, as well as a weekend excursion outside the city.

Not only do participants become fully immersed in the language and culture in the most Ukrainian-speaking city in the country, but they also experience a unique time of the year in Ukraine.

Participants are eligible to obtain academic credits, and those who complete the program and pass the final exam will receive a certificate with transcript.

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