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“Eye-openers on Ukraine” is a new project of the School of Ukrainian language and culture at the Ukrainian Catholic University that aims to share public lectures about Ukraine from the perspective of the ongoing war in our country. During this course, you will learn about the history of the creation of Ukraine as a state, its achievements over the past 30 years, and the history of the Ukrainian language, we will also discuss Ukraine’s participation in World War І, World War ІІ and the ongoing war, speak about Ukrainian revolutions: Orange Revolution, Revolution of dignity and other topics as they relate to Ukraine’s current situation.


The lecturers in the course are professors from Ukrainian Catholic University, famous historians, philologists, political scientists and social activists who are ready to share their knowledge about Ukraine. They offer you a comprehensive overview of the chain of historical events that led to the recent aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, as well as share their experience of living in the country during the war.


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photo Thirty years of independence: Ukraine’s greatest achievements

On August 24, 2021, young and independent Ukraine turned 30 years old. The occasion of the anniversary gave us the opportunity to reflect on the path that Ukraine has taken so far - to find the recipe for a better future. Nobody would deny that the past 30 years of modern Ukrainian history have been…

photo Russian Aggression in Ukraine: Historical/Ideological Causes and Recent Developments

The lecture offers a comprehensive overview of the chain of historical events that led to the recent aggression of the Russian federation against Ukraine; analyzes the ideological constructs the Russian authorities and propagandists use to justify this war; and gives a short overview of the key events of this war starting February 24.   Helpful…

photo Ukrainian beginning of the 21st century: from revolutions to war

This year marks 31 years since the revival of independent Ukraine. During these years, the factor that consistently defended the course of Ukraine's integration into the EU and NATO was Ukrainian civil society, which was not just formed in Ukraine in the offices of various "experts", "analysts", etc., but on the streets of Ukrainian revolutions…

photo Three Wars and One Ukraine

These three episodes focus on the current Russian-Ukrainian war in a longer historical perspective. The basic claim is that there are some repetitive patterns since the World War I when it comes to the wars waged in Ukraine. All of them reflect the crucial importance of the Ukrainian issue for the global politics since 1914:…

photo The Drive and Courage of Being Free

The lecture is composed of three parts. In the first one, the author summarizes his experience as a prisoner of conscience. Myroslav Marynovych spent seven years of imprisonment in labor camps in Perm region, Russia, and three years of exile in Kazakhstan. His only “crime” was being one of the ten founding members of the…

photo Can the postmodern word abandon the concept of just war?

After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 international community got impression that danger of war can be fully eliminated. Reliance on United Nations as the single venue of dialog between the states and peaceful conflict solutions seemed to be self-evident in the postmodern world. International law envisaged that any war which is not self-defense or…

photo Security and international relations of Ukraine

In this lecture we will overview the evolution of security challenges of Ukraine since its independence. The special focus is made on how Russia-Ukrainian relations determined the international behaviour of Ukraine. Separate attention is paid on factors that caused the Russian-Ukrainian war and defined the current warfare dynamics. We will look carefully at the hard…

photo How has the Ukrainian language withstood Russian imperialism. Distorted history

People abroad often ask if the Ukrainian language is the same as Russian. The idea about their sameness or sisterhood has been transmitted by Russian imperialism for centuries. After this lecture you will learn how to reject Russian myths about the origin and history of the Ukrainian language. You will also draw conclusions about the…

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