School of Ukrainian language and culture

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Learn Ukrainian from the comfort of your home or office. The language course is taught via Skype. You may earn ECTS credits through this course. Effective Ukrainian for everyone.

To learn Ukrainian, online learning students only need an Internet connection.

Online learning courses are offered for people who wish to learn the Ukrainian language from the comfort of their home or office. For individuals who want to improve their Ukrainian language skills but cannot come to Ukraine, online learning provides the opportunity to learn Ukrainian within a highly individualized and flexible program.

Courses are taught via the Internet – students and teachers create a study schedule and meet using Skype.

Every course is tailored to the student’s specific needs in order to maximize motivation and offer a more effective learning experience.

The lessons can have any focus – conversation, vocabulary training, grammar and syntax, preparation for a special occasion, business needs, or additional speaking practice. During real time online language lessons, students are also taught correct pronunciation.

Listening to and speaking with native-speaking teachers is the best way to reduce a learner’s accent. Skype also has a chat option, which is helpful in working on a student’s reading and writing skills.

To start, you simply need:

Headphones, a computer with good Internet connection & Skype downloaded to your computer

The first orientation lesson is free!

Lessons are taught during the business week, Monday through Friday, in Ukrainian time, GMT+2h.

Program at glance

To enroll in online learning, students need: