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The School of Ukrainian Language and Culture is launching a catechesis course for children ages six and above, ‘The Road to God in Ukrainian’.

The course is designed to help children in the Ukrainian diaspora or who have learned Ukrainian as an additional language to find answers about God and increase their level of language proficiency. In the classes, we will talk about God in an accessible and engaging way, and most importantly, we will do everything in Ukrainian.

This course is intended for children with a B1/B2 level of Ukrainian. Parents of children under the age of 9 may be present during the catechesis classes if necessary. *

We will study important Christian topics in simple language. Together we will learn the traditions and rites of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, talk about the Bible in general and the parables of Jesus in particular, explore Ukrainian traditions, dive into the liturgical year, and know the difference between the new calendar year and church year.

“But Jesus sent for them, saying, Let the children come to me, and do not keep them away, for of such is the kingdom of heaven” Luke 18:16.

* If your child needs a parent present, please discuss this in advance with a manager.


8:00 pm (Kyiv time)

Deadline for application:

April 30.2023.

To learn Ukrainian, online learning students only need an Internet connection, headphones and motivation.

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