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Student’s book consists of 12 units which are designated for about 120 – 150 hours. The course is aimed at people who know the basics well and intend to continue learning Ukrainian at the intermediate level. After mastering the content of the course, the users are able to express themselves coherently and to present and explain their point of view during a discussion. Knowledge of the language at the B1 level enables the users to express their opinions on any topic spontaneously and fluently. The scope of competence according to the guidelines of the Council of Europe. The set contains a workbook and audio materials. All audio materials posted on the web page.



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Publication date: 9.11.2022

Language: Ukrainian

Series: The “Yabluko” Ukrainian textbooks




All audio materials available from November Online here

Textbooks have been tested during courses and programs organized for international students by the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture in 2011-2022.