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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Visa & pasport

Citizens of the United States, European Union, Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, Canada, and Japan DO NOT need visas for entering Ukraine anymore.

The rule is valid for short term visits, up to 90 days. After the 1st of September, 2005 it has turned from a temporary campaign to a constant clause of the Ukrainian Law. However, for confirmation, we would recommend to contact the Ukrainian Consulate in your country before travelling. We hope that the new visa regulations will encourage Ukrainian travel.

For obtaining a tourist visa to Ukraine at the Ukrainian Consulates for citizens of other countries, the following will be required:
- Visa support (letter of invitation and/or hotel(s) confirmation)
- Your passport
- Photo(s)
- Consular processing fee receipts
Visa Application Form
The list of the documents is not comprehensive. The consulate may require additional documents. We advise you to contact the Consulate in your country for more detailed information.

To apply for any of the visas listed below, fill out a Visa Application form at the most convenient Ukrainian Consular Office. You can also fill out the application by downloading it from here. Forms are in PDF format and in order to read them you must first install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then you can download and print the Visa Application form (4 pages).

In the U.S. all types of visa may also be applied at:

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine
3350 M Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007
Tel. (202) 349-3398, 333-7507, 333-7508, 333-7509
Fax: (202) 333-7510

The Consulate General of Ukraine in New York
240 East 49 St. New York, NY 10017
Tel.:(212) 371-5690 Fax:(212) 371-5547

The Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco
530 Bush Street, suite 402, San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel: (415) 398-0240 Fax: (415) 398-5039

The Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago
10 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: (312) 642-4388 Fax: (312) 642-4385


It is advisable to apply for a visa not less than one month prior to your prospective departure date.

On an as needed basis, a Consular Officer may request additional documents better specifying the purpose of the visitors’s trip or invite him/her for an additional interview.

When an application is submitted in person, a numbered receipt (a pick-up slip) is issued to the submitter. This receipt should be presented at the Consulate General when the visa is claimed. The travel document will only be released to the applicant unless the applicant has provided other written notarized instructions at the time of the application. If the receipt is lost the travel document will be released only to its holder or at the written notarized request of the holder to his/her appointee.

For the applicants’ convenience and faster service, documents may be submitted to the Consulate General by mail. A self-addressed prepaid envelope is required for a return service. Please provide the Consulate General with United States Postal Service Express or Priority Mail envelopes only.

Documents for international delivery are not accepted.


Visa processing starts only after the consulate has registered your application and collected all necessary documents. A drop-off day is not counted as a business day.
Any application received on Wednesdays, weekends or official Ukrainian and US holidays will be registered by the Consulate only on the next business day.

1. A passport or travel document, both hereinafter referred to as “the travel document”, valid for at least one month after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least one blank visa designated pages;

2. One Visa Application form (you will need Acrobat Reader to view or print these forms) per travel document holder – answered completely and legibly typed or printed in ink in block letters, dated and personally signed by the applicant aged 16 or over or by a parent or a legal guardian of the applicant under 16. Here is an example of filling out a form: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

3. One photo – recent, passport-sized, resembling applicant’s travel document photo.

4. Together with all items listed above the following documents, each hereinafter referred to as “the supporting document”, related to the purpose of entry, must be submitted in support of the Application for: Business Visa Visa for Religious Mission Visa for Humanitarian Mission Visa for Members of Rescue Services Student Visa Visa for Mass Media Staff Private Visa Tourist Visa Transit Visa Immigration Visa Visa for International Transport Service Staff Cultural Visa Scientific Visa

Please note: The Consulate has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.


IMPORTANT: Invitation letters are NOT necessary for citizens of US, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Turkey and citizens of the countries of the European Union for obtaining official, business, private, cultural/ sporting and scientific visas.



It is advisable to have your visa in hand before purchasing airline tickets.


The information on this website is provided as a public service. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.

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