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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged






The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) has taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of our students. The University has security guards at the entrance to each building. In addition, there is a security guard at the entrance to the dorms 24-hours-a-day. UCU maintains close contact with the embassies of countries where the majority of our students and participants come from (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, etc.) to ensure the complete safety of everyone involved with UCU.

Part of the orientation international students are given upon arrival to campus are instructions on how to keep themselves safe while in Lviv. We advise all students to register with the embassy of their home country, we require that students rent an Ukrainian cell phone so that we can reach them at all times, and we ask that they inform us when they choose to travel out of Lviv. All of these measures allow us to know where they are and to be able to give them security updates when necessary.

Because there are places in Ukraine that may be less safe, and because international students are not always familiar with these areas, we encourage our students to participate in the trips that we offer. All of our trips and tours are organized and run in consultation with the relevant security authorities. Should students decide to travel on their own, we encourage them to consult with School staff so that we can assist them in planning their trip.

Lviv region is safe for travel

Lviv is situated about 800-1200 kilometers away from the flashpoint regions of Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk (roughly the same distance to Prague & Munich). Lviv is by all accounts a safe city. Even throughout the turmoil during the MAIDAN protests, there were no incidents of violence directed at civilians or foreigners.

Lviv remains one of the top tourist destinations in Eastern Europe and is currently bidding to become the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The picturesque city is full of new restaurants, and summer café patios, situated on our historic cobblestone roads, are now welcoming tourists from all over the world. Much of the tourist infrastructure was renovated prior to the EURO 2012 football tournament, of which Lviv was a host city, including the train station and international airport. New museums and tourist infrastructure, including bicycle rentals and routes, are opening every month. Lviv welcomes tourists year round, however the April-August season is considered to be busiest. To see what is happening on Lviv’s iconic Svobody Ave. – the main street in downtown Lviv – follow this link:[].


If there is an emergency in Lviv, we immediately contact all of our students to be sure that they are safe. We encourage family and friends at home who are worried about their student to be aware that what you see on television and what may actually be happening in Lviv are not always the same. Despite the political situation in the region, Ukraine continue to live their lives, including going out to public places and riding buses, and our international students agree that they feel safe in Lviv.