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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged



Can I build an individual schedule of Ukrainian courses?

Yes. During the academic year we offer individual courses in which you can create your own schedule (choosing a language level & intensity). You will have to negotiate this directly with program managers

Can I receive academic credits for participating in SULC language courses?

Yes. You can receive academic ECTS credits which will be accepted in universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. There are special requirements to receive credit. Please consult our program manager concerning ECTS credits for each program.

Is it necessary to have experience with Ukrainian language or cultureto enroll?

No. You do not need to have knowledge of Ukrainian language or culture to participate. We offer courses for all levels; beginner courses begin in English. 

Would it be possible for the University to send me a letter of enrollment  (an official document)?

Yes, please contact our program manager (



Are there scholarships I can apply for?

In partnership with other organizations we offer scholarships for students from Australia, Germany & the USA. Please contact us for more information to see if you are eligible for a scholarship (
More information can be found here.  



How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $150 and should be paid within 10 days of acceptance. To do this follow this link (after field "amount" choose from list "School of Ukrainian Language and Culture"). 

How and when do I pay the full program fee?

You can pay your tuition in three ways:
On-line (on our Web-page with a credit card)
2 Wire transfers (from your bank to the university bank in Lviv)
3 Cash (directly to our cashier upon arrival in Lviv)

You can pay the full course tuition after you have paid the registration fee, but no later than three days after the course begins. We will send you a receipt after receiving payment. 

May I pay online?

Yes! To do this follow this link (after field "amount"choose from the list "School of Ukrainian Language and Culture"). 

Will I get any receipt (confirmation) of  payment?

Yes. You will get an official receipt after you pay both registration fee and the course tuition.



Do I need a visa to come to Ukraine?

For students from the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe, a visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period.

If you are not from these countries please follow this link and check if you need to have a visa to go to Ukraine.



How can I find accommodations in Lviv?

All our students (except those who chose Homestay) will stay in newest University campus. The Collegium Residence is ideal for those looking for affordable accommodations, in an excellent location.  Its central location allows for easy access to Lviv’s city centre, airport, train station and other UCU campuses. Surrounded by beautiful Stryskyj Park, this newly-built, modern facility has much to offer. Built in 2012, the building is fully handicapped and wheelchair accessible.

Find more detailed information here.

Can you recommend any good hotels?

If you wish to stay in a hotel we may recommend some to you, though we encourage you to consider our housing options (see question above)

Would it be possible to arrive earlier than the arrival date of the summer program?

Yes, it's possible to come earlier. It will cost additional $20 per night. If you come early and your intended room is not free, you can stay in the seminary building which is very close to the university.

Are single room options available?




Is it possible to request vegetarian meals? 

Yes, this is possible. Please request this on your application form. 

Where can I buy food in Lviv?

In Lviv you can buy food in the markets, supermarkets & small shops. Just across the street from the university is a market with fresh vegetables and fruits. If you need some special products or other items there is a large shopping center KING'S CROSS LEOPOLIS located 15-20 min by bus from the university. There are also many smaller specialized shops around town selling basic products. We recommend that you buy water instead of drinking it from the kitchen faucet.

What are the costs for food in Lviv?

School tuition covers only breakfast and lunch, but there are several ways to eat other meals, such as eating in restaurants and cooking your own meals in the shared flats. 

Some example prices: 

* sandwich made on your own: 10 UAH

* pizza: 35 – 80 UAH (varied sizes)

* fast food (hotdog, hamburger, cheeseburger ): 5-15 UAH

* restaurant dinner: 80 – 150 UAH

* sweets and snacks (chocolate bar, chips, ice-cream): 5- 10 UAH



How will I arrive from the airport or railwaystation?

Pick up service is included in the tuition fee. We will pick you up from the airport or railway station (an UCU representative will be holding a sign with your name on it and will accompany you to your residence and help you get settled), so please do not forget to inform us about your arrival time at least 2 weeks before your arrival. We do not cover transportation back to the airport or train station for your departure from Lviv.

If my train/plane is delayed, will someone wait for me?

Yes. We track your flight and train information, and someone will wait for you if you are delayed. As a precaution, however, we recommend that you have a copy of this information in the event that it is necessary to get to the university on your own.

How long does it take to get to the university from the center of the city? 

The trip to the university from the city center by local bus takes approximately 30-40 minutes (depending on time of day and traffic). 

From near the Opera House, you need to take bus number  4A to get to the university.

Is it possible to get to the university using public transportation ?

Yes, most students travel to class by bus from their shared flats. You can check bus routes on this web page.

A bus ticket costs 2 UAH and is valid for one trip.

A tram ticket costs 1,5 UAH and is valid for one trip.

How much would it cost to take a taxi from the city center to the university?

A taxi would cost between 40-60 UAH from the center of the city. A taxi arranged by phone is cheaper than one caught on the street. 

Some taxi company phone numbers for your reference: 1586, 0509444086, 067340121, 0932438243, 0979449999



From which countries do students come from?

Most students come from the USA and Canada. We also have had students from Australia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Japan, China, Nigeria and other countries.

How many students are typically in the program?

In our first year, we started with 17 students, but each year our program grows. Last summer, we had approximately 80 students over the course of the summer program.



What will we do in the evenings during the summer program?

After Ukrainian classes, lunch, and tutoring, we present a cultural program which often includes: watching films, playing games, lectures with interesting speakers, visiting museums and sightseeing in downtown Lviv with an experienced guide, and participating in Ukrainian workshops (painting Ukrainian Easter eggs, weaving dolls, dancing, and singing). These activities end around 5 or 6 pm. After this, students are free to explore the city on their own. 

For additional information, please see the description of all afternoon and evening activities here.