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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Extra expenses

Exchange rates (approximate):

* 1 EUR = 28 UAH

* 1 USD = 26 UAH

The Summer Program fee covers most of your expenses.

However, you may want to know how much extra money you will need to have with you to cover additional cost you can expect during your stay at Summer Program in Lviv:

1. Food (the fee covers only breakfast and lunch).

You can:

* make a sandwich by yourself in the dorm kitchen: 15 UAH

order a pizza: 55 – 120 UAH (small, plain, big, etc)

* buy fast food (hotdog, hamburger, cheeseburger ): 25-35 UAH

* go to a restaurant: 100 – 250 UAH

* buy sweets (chocolate bar, chips, ice-cream): 10- 25 UAH

2. Clubs and pubs:

* entry fee (usually only at the weekend): 80 – 150 UAH

* beer: 25 UAH (beer bought in a shop: 8 - 15  UAH)

* cocktails: 25-70 UAH

3. Transport:

* Bus, tram: ticket 2-4 UAH

*Taxi (from city centre to University Dorm): 45- 60 UAH, depending on the time of the day/ night (divide it by the number of passengers)

4. Cinema: student-price ticket 40 UAH, normal ticket 60 UAH

In our opinion you may need additional 200-300 US Dollars for 3 weeks (rough estimate, it depends on how often you plan on going out to eat, go to cafes, etc.).

Lviv is full of ATM’s (bank machines/ bankomats) where you can withdraw cash (in UAH – Ukrainian hryvnia) easily with your credit card.