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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Student Support

Important Contact Information for registered students 

All classes are held in the new building at Stryyska Campus:


Address: Ukrainian Catholic University, Kozelnytska street, building 2

(near National Lviv Tax Inspection)

In Ukrainian: вулиця Козельницька, 2 (за Державною податковою інспекцією) 

Contacts: 24 hours per day

School Director Nazar Danylkiv +38 097-67-104-72

Senior manager Natalya Kravets +380-967-810-622

Program manager Christina Tsymbrovska +380-965-653-295

Program manager Yuriy Paklikovskyy +38-063-866-9139

Being Met Upon Arrival

It is especially critical that we are able to meet you upon your arrival! Please let us know if your plans change!

In case you miss your connection flight or you arrive at a time no one is expecting you, the best thing for you to do is to make your way to the Ukrainian Catholic University. There is someone at the University 24 hours a day, and although they don't speak English they will be expecting such situations.

Get a taxi and show the driver the UCU address in Ukrainian. There is always a custodian/security person in the UCU building. They have a phone. They will be instructed on what to do when they see people that speak foreign languages and have many suitcases (i.e., they will call one of the staff members).

Sign to show the taxi driver if you are not met by someone from UCU:


Український Католицький Університет,

вул. Козельницька, 2 (позаду Державної податкової інспекції)


(Прошу відвезти мене до Українського Католицького Університету

Please, drive me to the Ukrainian Catholic University, Kozel'nytska Street, 2)

Sign to show to the Building attendant on duty at the UCU:

Доброго дня, мені потрібно розмовляти з Назаром Данилківом або Наталею Кравець. 

(Hi, I'd like to talk to Nazar Danylkiv or Natalya Kravets)