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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Payment for Summer Program

You can pay your tuition in three ways:

1 On-line (on our Web-page with credit card)

2 Wire transfers (from your bank to university bank in Lviv)

3 Cash (directly to our cashier upon arrival in Lviv)

1. ONLINE PAYMENT for Ukrainian language and culture Summer School


Credit card: We accepts MasterCard and Visa. If the credit card information you submit is incomplete or if the credit card payment is declined, you are not registered in your course(s). We notify you by phone or e-mail if your credit card is declined, but it is your responsibility to contact the bank that issued your card if your credit card payment is declined. To avoid a delay in the registration process, you should use a credit card without a daily charge limit. School is not responsible for fluctuations in international exchange rates or interest charges due to the timing of credit card charges or refunds.


2. Wire transfers:


IMPORTANT:In the NOTE field of your bank wire/money order please state:"Charitable donation" Please do not leave any other comments


3. Payment in Ukraine (directly to our cashier upon arrival in Lviv):

If you prefer to pay on the premises, all fees should be paid on arrival (NO LATER than on the third day of the program). Personal cheques will not be accepted. Payment in cash only! But traveler checks can be cashed at local banks on Lviv.


Participants are responsible for their own insurance.

Bank charges:

All bank charges should be covered by the participant.


We regret to inform you that in case of your earlier departure there will be no reimbursement for unused services.


Scholarship information Please click here.

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