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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Summer Language & Culture School

You have a unique opportunity to register now and save your funds and time. The main advantage is 10 % of discount if you apply for the program till the end of December.

Also, if you apply for a program now, you have a good chance to book budget tickets for your flight.



"Travel, study and grow. Let's discover Ukraine together!"

This year for the third time School of Ukrainian language and culture will organize Carpathian Program for the first 2 weeks of Session A. Dates: 18-29 June.

Participation in cultural part of the Program during Session B is obligatory (10% discount on selected cultural program for the weekend (for Session A4, A5, A6, B2, B3) till the end of April).

Plan your summer now!


The Ukrainian Catholic University is preparing to host its 16th Annual Summer Program in Lviv, a unique combination of Ukrainian language classes and a rich cultural immersion program. 

Summer Ukrainian Language and Culture Program is the largest and most prestigious Ukrainian as a foreign language program in Ukraine, welcoming almost one hundred students from over twenty countries each                                             summer.



Outside of the classroom, a supplementary social activities program is designed to make the process of learning Ukrainian interactive and fun. There are a variety of opportunities offered– weekly excursions to local cultural highlights, games, talent contests, parties, barbecues, concerts, etc. The program is comprehensive and exciting. There is always something to do and students are encouraged to participate.








Though studying Ukrainian is the main goal for our students, we also want them to relax and enjoy themselves! Our program is the perfect balance of learning and fun. You are able to improve your language skills while immersing yourself in the true European lifestyle.

All teachers at School of Ukrainian Language & Culture are qualified professionals in teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language. They have extensive experience teaching groups as well as working on a one-on-one basis with students of different levels. They present interesting and challenging level-appropriate lessons. Students are consistently taught and encouraged to use what they learn in conversation, ensuring that Ukrainian learned can be applied in an everyday setting.





Our school is equipped with the latest multimedia, computer, video and audio capabilities. We have a spacious multimedia auditorium for lectures and classrooms for individual lessons. The campus also has a computer lab and full service cafeteria. School of Ukrainian Language and Culture’s facilities and grounds provide an excellent learning environment.



Participation in Ukrainian Language Courses provides students with a rare opportunity for total immersion in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in Europe.

Lviv is a distinctive city in which the history, culture, and mentality of the East and West merge for an exceptional cultural experience. Lviv's geographic location at the intersection of cultures and civilizations has influenced its development into an important cultural capital. Despite various sufferings brought upon by numerous wars within Lviv's lengthy history, most of the city's breathtaking architectural landmarks remain intact. 

Lviv is an open air museum displaying both traditional Ukrainian culture and classic European charm. The city is often aptly called "the soul of Ukraine," and offers many architectural landmarks, a world renowned opera, countless interesting museums and art galleries, historical breweries, beautiful parks and natural areas. Visitors are always taken with Lviv's outdoor cafes, cobblestone streets, and especially the warm and genuine hospitality of its inhabitants.



It is important to feel comfortable and taken care of when you are away from home. At School of Ukrainian Language and Culture (SULC), we guarantee a high standard of housing accommodations. You can choose to either live  in one of our newly - built University residence with other students, or elect for a homestay with a caring local family. Whichever you select, we will ensure you feel at home.


More about Accommodation follow this link


Undergraduate and graduate students of all majors interested in Ukrainian or Eastern European studies, ukrainian language, culture and heritage are eligible to apply.

Adults, college students, and non-students are also eligible. 

At UCU we understand that in order to achieve their academic potential, students need to feel secure, happy and confident during their time with us. This is why we are committed to providing an unrivaled level of student support. This includes detailed pre-arrival information, meeting students at the airport or train station, full orientation upon arrival, personal counseling for the duration of the program, and a detailed students' handbook.


Our school offers a complete services package which includes tuition, accommodations, most meals, cultural programs, personal care, and attention.

Please complete the APPLICATION FORM 

During our Summer program we offer different types of workshops,
excursions, and weekend trips.

WORKSHOPS overview. See PDF.file

EXCURSIONS overview. See PDF. file

WEEKEND TRIPS overview. See PDF.file


Brochure -Summer Progam 2016.PDF

Application Deadlines & Registration

Registration for all 2018 programs begins November 1, 2017


Download brochure




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