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Summer Camp for PLAST

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                       UKRAINIAN SUMMER CAMP FOR PLAST




We welcome you to our Summer Camp of Ukrainian Language and Culture for PLAST 2017

It is a great way to combine vocation, study and your Plast experience.

Dates: 10 July - 28 July, 2017


People 14 - 35 year old


Three-week course of Ukrainian language and culture


- 60 hours of Ukrainian language (available University credit after passing all exams)

- 15 hours of tutoring (one-to-one with native speaker)

- 15 hours of seminars, cultural, political and art meetings, workshops.

- 30 hours of excursions – weekly excursions to local cultural highlights, games, talent contests, parties, barbecues, concerts.

- Trip to the 3 castles near Lviv

- Overnight trips

- Additional opportunity to stay for a week in a Plast Camp for extra price:

During the program we arrange several meetings with famous people (historians, politicians, musicians). These unique meetings provide the opportunity for you to learn more about social and cultural context of Ukraine.



You will receive a graded certificate stating the course type, course dates, level of Ukrainian and number of (ECTS) credits earned. The Ukrainian Catholic University is a fully accredited institution by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. All the (ECTS) credits you will get here can be easily transferred to North American, Australian and European universities using the ECTS system.

Attendance is compulsory for credited students. You will be awarded credits if you have an attendance record of more than 75% of the program. In total, if you are a credited student, you will receive 4-6 ECTS credits for participation in this program.


You can be enrolled in the program with any language skills– from beginner to advanced. A language assessment test is compulsory for all students. The test is administered on the first day of the session and consists of both an oral and a written component. Students are grouped according to test results. Flexibility exists for re-assessment in case if you feel you should be assigned to a different group level.

During the course you are provided with all the textbooks and worksheets necessary for the most efficient study of the language.



During our summer program we offer different types of workshops, excursions, and weekend trips.

WORKSHOPS overview. See PDF.file

EXCURSIONS overview. See PDF. file

WEEKEND TRIPS overview. See PDF.file


Program “PLAST 2016” (July 2017) for 3 weeks – $1 550 USD

Application Deadline - June 1 

Program includes:

Studying (language seminars, tutoring, historical, cultural and political seminars), accommodation (double rooms), meal (breakfast and lunch), excursion program, 2 trips on weekends out of the city, Plast camp.



1.Please complete the Application Form and send it to us by email

2. Wait for an official acceptance letter (expected within 5 days; we may ask you for some extra documentation).

3. Attach a passport-size photo

3. Pay the registration fee (within 10 working days from acceptance)


To help you prepare for staying during the program, please explore the links below for all necessary information. If you have any additional questions not covered on the website, please don't hesitate to contact us


How to pay


Travel to Lviv

Visa & Pasport


Student Support

Extra Expenses

Terms & Conditions 





Літня школа української мови та культури проходитиме за адресою:
Український Католицький Університет
вул. Козельницька, 2
Тел: +38(032)240-99-40 Факс: +38(032)240-99-50


Download brochure




Summer Ukrainian Language and Culture Program for Scouts
Along with the International Jubilee Plast Meeting to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Scoutingin Lviv, the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) invites scouts to the 10th Annual SummerUkrainian Language and Culture Program. It will run from June 18th to August 11th, 2012.
Scouts who come to the Meeting are offered participation in session C, E, or F (3, 5, or 8weeks) which will end before the beginning of the 2nd phase of the International Jubilee Meetingin Lviv on the territory of UCU.
We offer courses to learn the Ukrainian language as a foreign language, from beginner toadvanced levels. Students will receive all the necessary learning materials, developed byteachers who have gained experience over the past 10 years.
The program will help improve speaking, writing, reading and listening. A particular feature ofthe program – an individual approach toward every student.
Upon completion of the program, students will receive from 4 to18 ECTS credits. The programis open to scouts 17 years of age and older.
Session C (standard program of 3 weeks) – $1,702 US (105 academic hours – 6 ECTS credits)
Session E (standard program of 5 weeks) – $2,590 US (175 academic hours – 11.5 ECTScredits)
Session F (standard program of 8 weeks – $3,870 US (280 academic hours – 18 ECTS credits)
Cost includes: 
study (historical, cultural, political and language lectures), accommodation(double room in a dormitory), meals (breakfast and dinner), excursions, one trip out of the city,support during the program.
How to register for the program?
Fill out the application form and send to the school’s email address.
Get confirmation from the school and pay the registration fee.
For more information about the school, click here.
The Summer Ukrainian Language and Culture Program for scouts will take place at:
Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)
Chutorivka Street, 35 A
Tel: +38(032)240-99-40, +38(032)240-99-40
Fax: +38(032)240-99-50

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