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About Summer Language & Culture Program


Join us this summer!
We welcome our students to visit our Carpathian Program. Dates: 19-30 June

We have started our Summer Program 2017. During A Session we discover Transcarpathian region.

The first day - opening of the program

   More information here and here


Summer Program 2017!

You have a unique opportunity to register now and save your funds and time. The main advantage is 5 % discount if you apply for the program before the end of April. We have only 8 places left. 

Also,by booking your place early gives you an opportunity to save money on your flight tickets.


"Travel, study and grow. Let's discover Ukraine together!"

This year for the second time School of Ukrainian language and culture will organize Carpathian Program for the first 2 weeks of Session A. Dates: 19-30 June.

Participation in cultural part of the Program during Session B is obligatory (10% discount on selected cultural program for the weekend (for Session A4, A5, A6, B2, B3) till the end of April).


                           Plan your summer now!



The largest Summer Program of Ukrainian language and culture in 2016

Цього року ми завершили найбільшу літню програму в Україні із вивчення української мови та культури. Дякуємо студентам за мотивацію вчити українську мову, бажання відвідати Україну та пізнати її культуру. Дорогі наші студенти, Ви найкращі! Запрошуємо до нас наступного року.

This year we have finished the largest summer program of the Ukrainian language and culture in Ukraine. Thanks our students for motivation to learn Ukrainian language and wish to visit Ukraine and discover our culture. Dear students, you are the best, we welcome you next year to visit our Program too.


Team of the School congratulates our Students from different parts of the world.


July 11 we have started Session B at the School of Ukrainian language and culture. We congratulate our new students!




LEARN UKRAINIAN WITH THE "YABLUKO" TEXTBOOK SERIES, written by a team of educators according to the latest communicative methodology to learn Ukrainian as a second language 

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1. Ukrainian Program “Ukrainian Spring” (8-26 May)

2. Standard Summer Ukrainian Language & Culture Program (19 June-28 July) - (available University Credit)

3. Ukrainian Program “Ukrainian Fall” (1 - 21 October)


INDIVIDUAL COURSES (at any time of the year)

1. Individual courses of Ukrainian as foreign language

2. Individual Ukrainian courses for Business

3. Online Individual Ukrainian courses



 (at any time of the year)

1. Organise your group and visit Ukraine for a short time 



Веселих Великодніх свят!

Happy Easter Time!

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