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I think your new text and workbook are outstanding. I use the text everyday. The audios are superb. I will also note the very fine photos of Maryan Zakharevych, Oksana Rybak and Natalia Kravets

Posted by Robert Marko on 29 серпень 2015 р.

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THE "YABLUKO" is a unique contemporary multi-level course of the Ukrainian language for everyone. It is the thoroughly structured course-book in the language to be based on the most recent principles of communicative approach.

"Yabluko" will be available from March at Elementary and Advanced, from May at Intermediate, each of the levels offering a coherent course of study and providing approximately 120-150 hours of teaching.

Each level of "YABLUKO" consists of:

• "Yabluko" Student’s Book

"Yabluko" Workbook with further consolidation exercises

• "Yabluko" Audio materials



Elementary level

Intermediate level

Advance level

Textbooks have been tested during courses and programs organized for international students by the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture 2011-2015

If you like books and you would like to buy student's book or workbook (or both) you can make BOOK ORDER.