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LEARN UKRAINIAN WITH THE "YABLUKO"© TEXTBOOK SERIES, written by a team of educators according to the latest communicative methodology to learn Ukrainian as a second language


Ukrainian can be a difficult language to master. It is pronounced phonetically and has several unique characters in its alphabet, but with our new TEXTBOOKS in hand, you'll find yourself speaking like a local in no time. Packed with practical lessons, handy cultural facts, and essential references (including Ukrainian vocabulary at the end of each lesson), these books are specially designed to get you speaking Ukrainian with confidence. With advice on speaking Ukrainian within the construction, teaching, and public sector, this book is a truly practical tool for anyone wanting to speak the language either professionally or socially.



Key features of "Yabluko" textbooks include:

• A comprehensive syllabus that addresses the needs of students at Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels

• Clear structure of each unit

• Language in context approach incorporates the vocabulary and grammar in true-to-life situations

• Systematic vocabulary work within every unit and an end-of-unit wordlist

• Personalized activities to make students speak

• Focus on usable features of spoken Ukrainian in “Speak Ukrainian” sections

• Effective reading of culture-studying and human–interest texts

• Writing models for a range of text types

• Regular listening activities

• Focus on every section achievements stating “Now I can…”

• Self-check revision section

• Grammar reference section, suitable for self-study and revision

• Audio scripts for self-check or/and classroom use


Textbooks have been tested during courses and programs organized for international students by the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture 2011-2015


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