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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Landmarks around Lviv


This fortress town has many unique architectural features. Zhovkva was founded by Hetman S.Zholkevsky in 1594. It used to be the residence of King Jan III and an important cultural center. Where the suburbs of Zhovkva once lay one can find old wooden churches of St. Trinity and the Nativity of Virgin Mary.


This resort town is situated in a picturesque area near the Carpathian Mountains. Beneficial Truskavets waters here have been known since the 16th century beyond the borders of Ukraine. 

Olesk Castle

This castle is a prominent architectural and historical landmark of 13th – 18th centuries. It was used as a fortress, a palace, an agricultural school for women, and, finally, even a military depot. Today it houses a branch of Lviv Art Gallery.

Pidhirtsi Castle

The castle in Pidhirtsi is located not far from Olesk. It is a remarkable piece of late renaissance architecture, today serving as a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery. The castle was commissioned by the Grand Crown Hetman Stanislav Konetspolskyi and built by architect Andrea del Aqua in 1635-1640.

Zolochiv Castle

Zolochiv Castle was built in the 1630s as a citadel with bastions. In the 17th – 18th centuries it belonged to the Sobesyi and Radzivill families. The castle is situated on a hill and surrounded by ramparts scarped with cut stone. The Grand Palace of Late Renaissance and the Chinese Palace stand in the castle’s courtyard.


This is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathians. However, tourists from all over Ukraine as well as from other countries come here also in the summertime, attracted by fresh mountain air and unbelievably beautiful natural views. 

Svirzh Castle

This beautiful castle, built in the 16th -17th centuries, stands over the river and the lake in Svirzh village. It used to belong to the Svirzhskyj and Tsetner families. Close-by is a beautiful renaissance cathedral. The castle was recently renovated.