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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Cultural events and festivals

New Years and Christmas

“Christmas in Lviv” usually starts on St. Nicholas Day (December 19) and ends on Epiphany (January 19). The coming of the New Year and Christmas is celebrated spectacularly here. Everyone will find some entertainment – concerts, exhibitions, fairs etc. Lively traditional Nativity plays and melodic Ukrainian Christmas carols will inspire joy in one’s heart, while tasty "kutya" will add a final touch to the feeling of complete happiness.

Lviv Pampuh Festival

8-9 January 2013
Immerse yourself in the traditional Ukrainian Christmas celebrations, discover ancient Ukrainian traditions, meet new friends and taste the Pampuh (Donut)!
From the bottom of a heart young carolers will sing for You christmas carols, professional actors and amateurs will play street Performances, the most famous cooks from all over Ukraine will make for You the best pampuhs. 

Merry Christmas!

"Chocolate Festival" is devoted to the Valentine's Day. Tasting and master classes, performances, Chocolate Ball, and much more take place during Chocolate Festival

When: 11-14 February 2013




Lviv is a very pious city, and its people hold a deep respect for this holiday. Traditional Easter meals are served numerous confectioneries and restaurants throughout the city, while folk songs are sang in Shevchenko Grove, where Ukrainian Eater festivities take place.

"Batyar festival" promotes Lviv batiar culture. In the program – outdoor entertainments, theatrical performances, concerts, etc.

When: 1-2 May 2013




ArticleImages_53_beerfest.png"Lviv City Beer Festival" introduces the traditions of brewing and beer culture of Lviv.

In the program - tasting of various types of beer, city tours, beer fair, concerts and much more

When: 10-12 June 2013



The Day of Lviv

The people of Lviv love their city, so its birthday is celebrated on the big scale. Festivities of all kinds attract both Lviv’s residents and guests: among them are contests and entertainments for children, sports competitions, festival craft, concerts, and other events.

"The Summer on Rynok Sq." - it's the entertaining cultural and art project that promotes creativity of young Lviv writers, musicians, artists, actors etc.

When: every Sunday from June to August 2013



Theatres of Lviv

An annual international theatre festival has been taking place in Lviv since 1989. Every fall Lviv is visited by well-known directors and actors from all over the world. For several weeks theatre connoisseurs enjoy performances of all kinds, from street carnivals to drama plays on big stages.

EtnovyrEtnovyr – it is the biggest international Folk Festival in Ukraine. Participants come from very far countries. They play their music, sell exotic souvenirs, make traditional food and drinks and much more.

When: 20-24 August 2013



Music of Lviv

International music festivals “Virtuosos”, “Contrasts” “Weathervanes of Lviv” and “Jazz Bez” gather lovers in Lviv. Contemporary pop music, folk, classical, modern, avant-garde – melodies for all tastes are played not just on stages, but right in the streets and squares.

"Land of Dreams" in Lviv – folk festival, initiated by Oleg Skrypka. The most famous musicians, artists, craftsmen, cooks and others from all over Ukraine and abroad come to Lviv. Within two days Shevchenko grove becomes a center of ethnic culture and art.



Books of Lviv

People of Lviv love reading books, so it’s no wonder that the National book exhibition – the Forum of Publishers – takes place here. It is not just a business action, but a real cultural event. World-famous writers gather here, like Paolo Coelho, who was a guest at the Forum in 2004.

"For a Coffee to Lviv" – Lviv City Coffee Festival. Coffee fair, tasting of coffee, cocktails and desserts, concerts and showing films take place in Lviv within 3 days.

The voting for the best coffee house and Barista Championship also take place during Coffee Festival.

When: 23-25 September 2013


"Cheese and Wine Festival" – it is a good chance to find more about culture and tradition of wine and cheese making in Lviv and Ukraine.

You can visit the fair, have fun in different entertainments, contests or at concert. But certainly You  taste good cheese and good wine.

When: 7-9 October 2013

Calendar of events

“Christmas in Lviv”- from second week of December to third week of January
Easter in Lviv – April
The Day of Lviv – first week of May
International music festival “Virtuosos” – from first to fourth week of May
International festival “Weathervanes of Lviv” – May
Forum of Publishers – September
Festival “contrasts” – from third to fourth week of September
International theatre festival “Golden Lion” – October
Jazz Bez – second week of December